Invited Speakers

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Prof. Bilal BILALOV

On the Riemann Problem in Weighted Smirnov Classes with Power Weight

Prof. Varga Kalantarov

Finite-parameter feedback stabilization of original Burgers’ equations and Burgers’ equation with nonlocal nonlinearities

Prof. Sofiène TAHAR

On the Formalization of Mathematics in Higher-Order Logic for Engineering Applications

Prof. Ekrem SAVAŞ

A new sequence space and (A, φ)- statistical almost convergence of order α


Characterization of Embeddings of Sobolev-type spaces into Generalized Hölder Spaces

Prof. Ferman MAMEDOV

On Ground State Solutions of the one Dimensional Subsonic Flow Equation

Dr. Migdad I. Ismailov

On the Basis Properties of the System of Exponents and Trigonometric systems in Grand-Lebesgue Spaces

Assoc. Prof. Lyoubomira SOFTOVA PALAGACHEVA

Survey on gradient estimates for nonlinear elliptic equations in various function spaces